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The first Colony in America was Jamestown, founded by a British company to produce glass. The U.K. is surrounded by chalk cliffs and few sandy beaches. Sand (silica) is the main ingredient for glass. Jamestown had ideal sand to produce glass.

In Colonial days, the production of glass window panes was limited to smaller panes that could be packaged and shipped by horse in a satchel or box. Windows were divided into smaller sections known as divided lites. The glass panes were held into place with wood mouldings known as muntins or also known as mullions. All of these window grids provide a look that we know as Colonial window grids. Some people call them Colonial Windows. Thomas Jefferson’s home is a classic featuring Window Grilles. These doors with French window grids provide the classic look as we enjoy today.

Today, most new homes feature Residential window panes with a variety of Add-on window panes between the glass of dual pane insulated windows. And new home builders also feature the patio door grids in their double insulated patio doors.

New Panes Creations fills the decorating need for those who want this timeless and classic look added to their plain windows and doors.