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Easy, Do It Yourself, Add-on, Window Grid Kit/ Window Grille Kit/ Window Pane Kit/ Muntin Kit

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1 1. Cut strips with scissors.
12. Push strips onto connectors
and attach Velcro®, Super Double Stick Tape, or Knife Blade Clips®
1 3. Press to window. Removes instantly for cleaning.

Insta-Panes Fits All Sizes


It works with any style of window or door regardless of whether it’s a slider, cranker, fixed, garage door windows, or has metal, vinyl, or wood frames because the grid is attached directly to the glass. No need to worry about a special order grid that doesn’t fit – you cut the grid strips with scissors to fit your window. This product will fit any window or door! The grid is thin enough 3/16″ / .1875″ to work with all sliding windows or doors; so everything will operate just like it did. Can’t do that with wood, etc! There’s no limit to what can be decorated.

Insta-Panes are removable


The grids are attached directly to the glass (most on the inside) using self-adhesive Velcro® hook and loop fastening tape. Only a few very small 1/4″ pieces are needed along the edge of the grid/glass. The white Velcro® fasteners are concealed behind the white grid and are barely noticeable from the opposite side of the window.

Also available are nylon knife blade clips that slide into the end of the strip (shown below) and under the rubber seal of many types of windows for non-surround installations. Twenty clips are included in each kit and may also be ordered separately. Or you can attach the grid with super adhesive double-stick tape. You choose!




Knife Blade Clip (Not Seated)

Knife Blade Clip (Seated)

With or without surround – your choice!

Circa 1980how-2



Each type of grid (shown above) has its advantages. The surround (outer frame) adds rigidity to larger grids and permits Velcro® attachment at the corners. Some feel that it also has a more finished look.

You may find that the non-surround version is better for smaller windows and is more economical since fewer connectors and strips are needed. N.P.C., however, recommends full-surround for large grids such as for patio doors or picture windows.

Insta-panes are durable


Unlike plastic garbage cans, these grids resist fading or cracking for years because they are made of GEON® a PVC material used in home siding and vinyl windows. They never need painting although they are paintable, using acrylic or latex paint only. DO NOT USE SOLVENT BASED PAINT! Most spray paints are solvent based (be careful). However we recommend avoiding dark colors if the grids will be in many hours of direct sunlight. Darker colors absorb more sunlight (the albedo effect) and this could possibly cause the grids to warp. You can paint just one side if you’d like; inside facing the home for a neat look, many people do. Check out our Gallery page for customer painted grids.

What do I need – how do I start?


See how many pieces of 8 1/2 x 11″ paper fit on your window. Most panes (divided lites) are about the size of this piece of paper or larger. It’s a matter of personal taste. It isn’t hard to figure how many strips and connectors you’ll need. The kits have different assortments of parts and the DLX kit has enough parts to do a standard 6ft patio door (2 each full surround 15-lite grids – 3 panes across and 5 panes down) or several windows. Anyway, don’t worry, you can always order more parts to finish your whole house – most do! It’s fun and easy to do! And what a difference in your windows!

Basic Principle


You will need to cut two different lengths of strips for each window. Since each connector takes up 1″ (or 25mm) of space in each direction, the strip piece length depends on your window size and the number of connectors you will be using.







Doing a patio door


Below are some drawings that may help you figure the parts you need. Remember, most patio doors require two of these grids. Your actual pane size will differ from shown.



  • 15 lite grid with full surround
  • 4 corner connectors
  • 8 cross connectors
  • 12 tee connectors
  • 9 pieces of 48″ strips
  • 6″ Velcro or 6″ tape
  • Pane Size: 8″ x 12″



  • 15 lite grid with full surround
  • 4 corner connectors
  • 8 cross connectors
  • 12 tee connectors
  • 12 pieces of 48″ strips
  • 6″ Velcro or 6″ tape
  • Pane Size: 10″ x 14″



  • 20 lite grid with full surround
  • 4 corner connectors
  • 12 cross connectors
  • 14 tee connectors
  • 15 pieces of 48″ strips
  • 6″ Velcro or 6″ tape
  • Pane Size: 10″ x 14″






You can also make “Prairie Style” or modern divided lites with Insta-Panes as shown above. This style was popularized by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s also being used today by some manufacturers of new windows.

Only Insta-Panes lets you divide your plain windows into any rectangular shapes and sizes you choose! No computer help or detailed instructions are available for this style.

You can even do a half-round window using just strips and Velcro®. Simply cut miter angles for the base and attach Velcro® at both ends of strips – attach to glass!



Diamond grids may not be made with this product.

P.S. Need more help?


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What can I do with the sampler kit?


Below are some examples of what just a Sampler Kit can decorate. All done in Non-Surround.  SHOP NOW.







Still have doubts?… Try a sampler kit!


Try a Sampler Kit for only $62.95 + free shipping. It will decorate about 12 square feet of glass as seen above! And if you’re not satisfied return all the connectors and uncut parts for a refund.

Or do a patio door. Order kits or just the parts you need. Whether it’s windows or doors, you’ll end up ordering more for your whole house – most people do.

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