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There are over 350,000 homeowner associations in the United States; which represents about 40 million households.  HOA’s provide numerous benefits such as: increased community pride, bonding and communication between neighbors, properly maintained amenities and Most importantly, they protect your property values.  Many of these communities require window grilles (muntins); also referred to as divided window panes.  Divided panes give houses a classic or unique look, and they are used in 26 of the most popular architectural designs.

One of our customers lives in such a neighborhood.  She had to replace 4 of her windows and purchased glass panes without the grilles.   Thankfully, her installer suggested using our product.  She purchased the kits needed, put them up herself & said they “look fabulous!”.  She saved hundreds of dollars and skipped the HOA fine.

If you have to replace windows, depending on how many require grilles, you could save enough cash to pay some or All of your HOA fees!

HOA’s keep our communities looking great.  We keep money in your pocket and your windows looking classy at an Amazing savings to you.